Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast22

Lex & Stacey bring 2015 in with a bang when we find out that “Lex the Horrible” hasn’t said all he needs to say as of yet. Also we weigh in on Stacey’s dark political thoughts and find out that Lex’s are much darker.

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast21

This has been named the “Lex is Horrible” podcast. Wow! In this episode, Lex talks about his father. We also learn that you should keep your kids far, FAR away from Lex…if you are a terrorist. Also, Lex tells a story about how he screwed the pooch with three women he was once dating at the same time. Meanwhile, Stacey sat quietly in a corner and wept for humanity…

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast20

Lex & Stacey ask the age-old question: Would you blow a guy to save the lives of your family and loved ones? Also, they discuss the TV show “Justified”, the prospects of Hillary in the White House and past Presidents.

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast19

Lex & Stacey talk about her favorite city – Detroit! Also, manufacturing jobs, working from home, tasteless practical jokes and parenting. They are all over the place…


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast 18

In this episode, Lex & Stacey discuss the holidays, TV & radio holiday programming, Bluebloods, Scott Stapp, hunting and securing the border.