Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast26

Lex & Stacey talk about the TV show “The Slap” and their thoughts on other people’s children. The conversation then moved on to giving kids the “birds & the bees” talk and dealing with bullying. Also, they shared some radio stories.

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast25

Serial Killer sex, Uma Thurman…..Did she mess up her face? We take that and it leads into a big discussion of plastic surgery and more.

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast24

We got into all kinds of conversations in this small amount of time. More NASA conspiracies and Stacey feels sorry for some idiot who walks 42 miles a day round trip.

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast23

Monster Sex, Stacey’s take on her visit to the Detroit Auto Show, Martha Stewart sex talk, Real Estate aspirations and Immordie Howe and stem cells.