Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast58

Lex & Stacey talk about Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian & her mom Kris, and Bruce Jenner’s reassignment. Also, doctors vs. nurses, and kids with cancer.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast57

Lex & Stacey talk about one of their favorite things: an end of the world conspiracy theory! Also, they discuss sports, music and sexual conduct.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast56

Lex & Stacey start the show with a frank discussion about Lex’s family. Also, psychic stories, women annoying their men during sports, Viagra and boners.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast55

Lex & Stacey discuss the Wells Fargo lesbian couple, and religion. Also, they take a walk down memory lane.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast54

This is the “Cat’s in the Cradle” episode and it gets uncomfortable! Lex & Stacey talk about the new female libido drug, and other drugs & their horrifying side effects. Also, drunk sex tips.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast53

Gaping vaginas kick off the show! Lex & Stacey talk about the gay guys on “The Bachelorette”, Stacey’s new fav TV show “Banshee”, Lex’s fav TV show “True Detective”, and Amish vs. Mennonite. Also, the “Lemoning”.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast52

Lex & Stacey talk about the “friendship” Yoko Ono says she had with Hilary Clinton. Also, the men vs. women having affairs debate.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast51

Lex & Stacey talk about kids, manners and the seemingly alien concept of being respectful towards others. They also discuss Rick Santorum & the Duggars, and FIFA. Also…don’t mock Lex’s tattoo.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast50

Lex’s penis kicks off the show! Yay! Lex & Stacey also discuss the new X-Files and Terminator, and the Bates Motel TV Show. They reminisce about the time a 600 pound tiger joined them in the Lex & Terry studio and didn’t kill them. AND…if you haven’t seen the Keanu Reeves movie “John Wick”…you must. It’s an excellent revenge flick. Also, when is it really too soon?


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast49

Lex & Stacey talk about the Duggars and their possible effect on the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates.