Lex & Stacey’s 3some Podcast

Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast63

This is the Hitler episode! Lex and Stacey discuss Donald Trump vs. Neil Young. Also, President Bartlet (The West Wing) and Martin Sheen, Bill O’Reilly, and where to find real news (hint: it’s not Fox or MSNBC).


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast62

Lex and Stacey talk about public obscenity with no regard for the people and kids who might see or hear it. Also, white trash behavior, the Confederate flag and other podcasts they enjoy.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast61

Lex and Stacey discuss their mutual affection for penises and vaginas. They talk about the trip Lex took for Sam’s 18th birthday. Also, Lex’s trip to Traverse City, Michigan via Milwaukee….all involving the mindset of a woman.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast60

Lex and Stacey get all sexy talking about male chastity devices and Lex’s take on dominant women. They also discuss sociopathic behavior and funerals. Also, the Chobani lesbians.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast59

Lex and Stacey discuss the Republican presidential candidates, Kate Upton, and a terrible, awful joke.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast58

Lex & Stacey talk about Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian & her mom Kris, and Bruce Jenner’s reassignment. Also, doctors vs. nurses, and kids with cancer.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast57

Lex & Stacey talk about one of their favorite things: an end of the world conspiracy theory! Also, they discuss sports, music and sexual conduct.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast56

Lex & Stacey start the show with a frank discussion about Lex’s family. Also, psychic stories, women annoying their men during sports, Viagra and boners.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast55

Lex & Stacey discuss the Wells Fargo lesbian couple, and religion. Also, they take a walk down memory lane.


Lex & Stacey’s 3somepodcast54

This is the “Cat’s in the Cradle” episode and it gets uncomfortable! Lex & Stacey talk about the new female libido drug, and other drugs & their horrifying side effects. Also, drunk sex tips.